Company facts

WRENDA is run by me, Ann Kapborg, since August 1, 2011.

Since then i have been built up a vast network of contacts and among them are some who have chosen to work with me in a team.

The company has notice of tax assessment for self-employed persons and liability insurance.

 The anecdote about the company name

The choice of company name started with the company’s need for a symbol.

The choice fell on Wren. The model of the bird in the logo is a Fairy-wren in its beautiful plumage.

The most common term within the profession is Virtual Assistant, for short VA.

It did, however, go better with digital assistant, when it got abbreviated to DA that together with the symbol WREN forms WRENDA.

 Why did the choice fell on Wren?

The simple explanation is that I think Fairy-wren has such a unique, beautiful plumage.

When I sought further on the web and found details about Wren in mythology, I felt that this was right.

  • A Wren is volatile, something that also can be a reminder to reach out and broaden our views.
  • A Wren is said to remind us that it is the quality of our relations that enhances our lives.
  • WRENDA works with peripheral services and has a quality focus. A quality that’s based on the relations.
  •  In the Celtic symbolics, Wren is active, fast, alert and efficient.
  • It is also the symbol for making progress every day in things that matters, i.e. is very close to the heart.
  • A wren is also social, and a reminder that we can be cheerful and friendly towards each other.

WRENDA strives to provide fast, alert and efficient service.

All clients of WRENDA is close to the heart.

It is to be of use where it is needed, makes it easy to be cheerful in mind and friendly.

To be cheerful and friendly in turn makes many other things enjoyable, more creative and ultimately that will result in more efficiency.

The mythology of Wren also tells about the following characteristics which are a suitable symbolism for WRENDA:
  •  Agile
  • Active
  • Determined
  • Involved
  • Full of initiative
  • Creative
  • Good-humored
  • Friendly
  • Quick witted







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