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The company

WRENDA is a company I, Ann Kapborg, started on August 1, 2011.
It has been an exciting journey and has given me many experiences. We are now writing 2024, and I am glad I found this line of work.
The company has F-tax and liability insurance.

Bric-a-brac about the company name

The choice of the company name comes from the fact that the company needed a symbol.

The choice fell on the bird wren. The model for the bird in the logo is a Fairy wren in its beautiful plumage.
Virtual assistant is usually abbreviated as VA.
However, it worked better with the phrase ” digital assistant, ” shortened to DA, and formed WRENDA with the symbol WREN.

How come the choice fell on the wren?

The simple explanation is that I think the Fariy wren has such an outstanding beautiful plumage.

When I searched the web and found information about wrens in mythology, I felt this would be right. A wren has a fleeting way that can also remind us to reach out and broaden our horizons.

A wren is said to remind us that the quality of our relationships enriches our lives.
WRENDA works with peripheral services and focuses on quality. Quality based on relationships.

Within the Celtic symbolism, a wren is active, fast, alert, and effective.

There it is also the symbol of making daily progress within what is dear to your heart.

A wren is also social and a reminder that we can be happy-minded and kind to each other.

WRENDA strives to provide fast, alert, and efficient service.

All clients are close to WRENDA’s heart.

Making use of it where it is needed makes it easy to be happy-minded and friendly.

Being happy and friendly, in turn, makes many other things more excellent and more creative, and, by extension, will result in more efficient results. förlängningen blir resultatet mer effektivt.

The mythology of Wren also tells of the following characteristics, which are also a fitting symbolism for WRENDA:

  • Agile
  • Active
  • Creative
  • Determined
  • Enterprising
  • Friendly
  • Good-humoured
  • Involved
  • Ready-witted

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