Schedule Simplifier

WRENDA Schedule Simplifier

At the beginning of March 2017, WRENDA Schedule Simplifier was ready to be displayed.

WSS is the software our team uses when we work with our outbound communications on social media.

Automate in social media

The opinions on automating in social media are many. My position is that the type of automation that frees time for interaction is good. To set the social media on a full auto pilot and see social media only as a sales channel is not what I recommend. We can perceive social media to some extent similar to mingle. With that simple rule of thumb, I think we can go a long way. Many argue that it must be performed according to a particular framework. Ready solutions and standards for the number of entries, number of hashtags, how you follow, what content you must share and so on. These advice are available in all kinds of very many different reasons. The positive I can see with them is that they may act as wheelie bars during the time you start up your presence in social media.
Many of the recommendations have measurements and facts to support them, and it is, of course, reasonable to take them into account. Regarding composition and variables for measurable and not measurable components in social media, I am not so sure the formulas are the best way. One has to consider that the social media that is not measurable, I do not believe it is guaranteed to get what you want out of your presence on social media by following formulas for the measurable. Put some effort in finding how you feel your voice and communication is best in line with your goals and the true representation of your brand, and it is a high probability that you will see a positive response in a while. It is as rare with overnight success on social media as it is in the rest of the world, put patience high on the requirement list.

What does WSS automate?

An about-face back to the software.
WSS original purpose was to create a file free of errors to upload for bulk scheduling in HootSuite. The software performs well on this task, by checking that the content is not in breach of any rules. To create the file itself is also considerably less fiddly than to do it in Notepad or the like. We also added compatibility for Postcron and the options for Buffer, Bulk buffer and Bulk publisher before we chose to present it.

See for yourself!

Regardless of whether you are used to bulk scheduling or not familiar with this concept, I presume it is safe to assume you will benefit from visiting the web home of the software.
Besides a FREE VERSION of the software, there are also free reports, about working efficiently with social media in general with examples from HootSuite and a shorter presentation of Postcron.

This is the first release, it’s fully functional. Due to doing marketing a bit ad hoc we still call it pre-sales view copy.
Click here so we can take you there! (opens in new tab.)


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